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This week I did another run. I had a pre determined distance to go for as I was running 2 miles to celebrate Virtual Runner’s  Birthday (Link opens in a new window) and for my efforts I would be rewarded with this rather fabulous medal.


I walked a mile first. It takes me 20 minutes to walk a mile on the treadmill (but more like 25 minutes if I’m walking on the street!) and 20 minutes allows enough time for my leg pain to flare up and die back down again! So I walked a mile in 20:26 to be precise, then reset the treadmill and did a 1 minute run at 4mph and a 1 minute walk at 3mph alternating. I had no leg pain which is tremendous! I’m so pleased that although not fixing the problem, I’ve found a way around it. It does have the downside of a “run” will never be quick! And although I was “only doing two miles” I was actually doing three when you factor in the 1 mile walk but it is what it is and for now I’ll take it! So a minute running and a minute running resulted in me finishing 2 miles in 34:31 minutes which is a 17:16 minute mile. I’m pleased with that. Ultimately I’m running just to run and not for improving times but it of course feels nice to be quicker than the usual 19/20 minute miles! If you add on the 20 minute walk too it’s 3 miles in 54:57.

I was pleased with how it went and when I’d finished RunKeeper kindly told me it was my fastest 1-3 mile run! All in all a very positive run! I’m hoping to do another run over the weekend but started with a cold yesterday so I’ll see how that pans out. Tomorrow I am barcode scanning at my local Parkrun! It’s my first time doing something other than marshalling so I’m looking forward to trying something new.

I started October in the worst possible way, quite ill, whilst on holiday! I did however manage to enjoy some of the holiday in Scotland and am very thankful that every little village no matter how small in Scotland seems to have public toilets. We stayed in a gorgeous wooden lodge in Inverness and explored the Highlands between bathroom stops!

Rogie Falls, Scotland

Rogie Falls, Scotland

Loch Morlich, Aviemore, Scotland

Loch Morlich, Aviemore, Scotland

I also went to Monkey World (link opens in a new window). If you’ve never been it is absolutely worth a visit. I have been visiting since 1997 and never tire of it. There are lots of different types of apes and monkeys, you can spend a day there as it has a couple of food venues and a lovely woodland walk and of course there is a gift shop at the end. The work they do is so worthwhile and seeing some of the stories behind each individual shows that. Plus you get to take fun pictures like this one of Jethro the Saki Monkey:

Cheeky Monkey!

Cheeky Monkey!

I’ve already blogged about the exercise I have done in October but I’m ashamed to say that is all the exercise I’ve done so I must improve on this for November. And finally of course October is finished off with Halloween. No crazy costume for me this year but I did carve this in to my pumpkin.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

I’ve also marshalled at Parkrun every Saturday throughout October. I love going and taking part in the only way I can at the moment.

At the moment I have no real plans for November so lets see where it takes me.

Cycling is a funny old thing isn’t it? Today I went for a bike ride in order to earn a new medal from Virtual Runner (link opens in new window). For part of the journey I was working up a sweat as I pedalled on inclines and get momentum going on the flatter parts. However on parts I was coasting downhill and not pedalling at all. It made me wonder how efficient I know it’s a good form of exercise but I didn’t feel like constant “work” like running does.

Anyway it was a lovely ride. The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze. The weather was surprisingly warm for an Autumn day.I went down the sea front and then past the old MOD Browndown site and on to Stokes Bay and back. It was a 5.85 mile ride in a time of 48:16 and burnt 401 calories!

I managed to complete a 5K on the treadmill. I was so happy! I began by walking on the treadmill and felt the leg pain. My intention was to walk for 30 minutes but after 20 minutes the leg pain went and so I tried a little run, just a minute but it felt ok, so I walked again and then tried another little run and that was ok too. Then I thought, maybe I could go a little longer than 30 minutes, so I continued running on and off just for a minute or so as it felt right. It was all going so well so I thought, maybe I’ll just try for the 5K and so I did. It felt good. I finished it in 58:57. Yeah it’s not fast and it involved 20 minutes of walking but I did it. I completed 5K. The leg pain may always be a “thing” in my life. Perhaps next time I’ll walk until it’s gone and then start timing a 5k, get a proper time without walking. Sub 55 minutes maybe? A girl can dream!

Apologies for this update being a little late, how did we get 8 days in to September already?!


I’ve had a great August.

Top Right: August saw the staff Summer Party at work. it was so much fun and was held on a lovely Summers evening so I painted my nails bright. That’s what Summer is all about, bright colours

Bottom Left: I marshall for my local Parkrun every Saturday and always have a bit of time to kill before the runners reach my post so a little wander on the beach revealed a washed up jelly fish! It was huge! I’ve never seen one before so was fascinated and thought I’d share!

Bottom Right: The lovely weather means plenty of iced coffee drinks. These are ridiculously bad for you but oh so very tasty.

Physio: I also started Physio for my back and legs in August. I went to the first appointment and as I told her everything that was wrong I felt a bit emotional! She assured me I’m not a lost cause and gave me some back exercises to do. These were completely different to any I’d done before. Already bending feels easier. I went back for my second session and this time she focussed on my leg pain. She confirmed I do indeed land on the outside of my foot whilst walking, particularly on the left foot and this is what is causing the pain down the outside of my calves. She has given me some more exercises for my back, mainly strengthening my thighs and oh boy are they killer! And then has given me something to try to correct my walking. I’m due back to see her again in 3 weeks. She also told me both times that I must do 30 minutes cardio three times a week and so far so good resulting in a little weight loss. Yay!

May 2013: I’m running and I’m running on a regular basis. In May I have begun half marathon training. I thought I was rubbish but I was running three times a week. I was running 15 minute miles and even dipping in to 14 minute miles. I was progressing. I ran the Bupa 10,000 in London and the next day the right side of my right foot hurt and so my trouble began.

June 2013: I successfully completed Juneathon and towards the end of it I was beginning to run/walk again although it had dipped to a 16 minute mile.

July 2013: The foot pain was still there and a visit to the GP resulted in being referred for physio which wasn’t available until August. I have to pull out of the British 10k.

October 2013: I’m cleared to start running again and the leg pain begins. The pain I get runs down the outside of both calves and is present if I walk briskly or attempt to run. All the weight I had ever lost through running is now firmly back on.

November 2013: I try to run and try different plans. They all fail. I begin to get some back pain in my lower back.

January 2014: I had booked in with a private physio who stopped all exercise. By the end of January I was advised to buy an exercise bike to help with the pains and told to try running. The leg pain is still there.

February 2014: I am told not to try running until March.

March 2014: I am told I can try running again but must stop/slow down when the leg pain arrives. It does and I eventually find a happy medium of walking on the treadmill at 2.5mph. I’m very frustrated and think what is the point?!

April 2014: I can still only walk

May 2014: I pull out of the Bupa 10,000 marking one full year since this all began. I pull out due to the leg pain and the fact I have gallstones which were diagnosed just days before the event.

June 2014: The leg pain continues. I complete Race for Life but it takes over an hour.

July 2014: The leg pain continues. My physio says he’s leaving the country and confesses he has no idea what is causing the leg pain as he has cured my back pain.

August 2014-August 2015: The leg pain is always there if I ever attempt to walk faster than around 2.5mph. After finishing physio I get back pain that gets worse and worse. On Saturday I visited a private physio. I pour all of this out to her and she assures me I am not a lost cause. This gives me hope! I have exercises to do every day as well as 30 minutes exercise 3 times a week. Watch this space.



Firstly my apologies for not updating on a more regular basis. I thought I’d set the ball rolling with a July roundup. I know there are still two days left of July but as I have nothing planned bar work, I don’t expect anything monumental to happen.

In July I’ve tried to get out there a bit more. I’ve been nothing but lazy since moving to the South Coast and so I’ve finally started to get moving and the bid to lose weight starts all over again. Yes I’m one of those people who are constantly losing a bit, gaining a bit. Anyway on to the roundup:

Top Left: This view never gets old. I am still utterly in love with living by the sea.

Top Right: This fella pretty much lives in our garden. He turns up around 5am, sleeps on and off until 4pm, sometimes a bit later, then disappears off in to the night. He’s lovely and the other day even invited a friend around for a play in the garden. We also get a range of garden birds and bats! We’ve never had wildlife like this before in our gardens so this just cements further why I love living down here.

Bottom Left: My little town recently got it’s own Park Run, and why not with such a beautiful back drop! The run goes right along the sea front and the picture on the top left was actually taken whilst I was waiting for Park Run to start. I’ll probably never be able to run it due to that leg pain, which I still get but nobody can cure so for now I intend on volunteering at it weekly. I’ve done three out of the four runs so far. I had to miss volunteering at the very first one due to a work commitment.

Bottom Right: I’m still trying to get out on my lovely bike as much as I can and have enjoyed getting to know the local area a little better on her. My bike is named Cath. I took her to the beach the other day and couldn’t resist snapping a picture.

That rounds up my July. The weather has been glorious this month and I hope it continues throughout August. I find it so much easier to get up and out of bed when the sun is shining. Which leaves only one thing…

August Goal: My goal for August is a simple one. Work Out More!


My March in pictures.

Top Left: The view from the seafront. I took this picture because the sea looked so blue.

Top Right: A new house means new décor. We spotted this canvas and the quote seemed perfect for living by the sea.

Bottom Left: My new Cath Kidston bike arrived and I took her for a 5 mile spin. Loved every moment.

Bottom Right: A beautiful sunset down at the seafront. I hope to see many more sunsets like this at the beach


What sort of cyclist are you? Commuter, trail rider etc?

Where did you see a great sunset?

I took Cath out for her first spin today.


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New town, new home, new job, new life. And we’re settling in pretty well. Life on the South Coast is treating us fine and dandy. It’s taken a few weeks to feel like we have the opportunity to relax a bit after the joys of leaving our old jobs Friday, moving over 200 miles on the Saturday and starting our new jobs on the Monday meant life was a little hectic for a while. But living literally on the coast means we get to see this every morning.


Work is going well and the house is finally starting to take shape. We got the garage set up in to a mini gym/workout room with the treadmill, bike and weights in there. Now we just need to find what box we packed the plug in for the bike!

We’ve done a couple of walks along the seafront in the mean time and are becoming more familiar with the area and local offerings.


I’m working 11 hour days which means I’m leaving the house very early and not getting back until late. I’m looking forward to the lighter evenings so I can get out more and maybe take more pictures like this one.


Oh and also explore more of the area when this little beauty arrives.


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